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Ventura County Collaborative

The Ventura County Lions Clubs have banded together to raise $200,000 for the Ventura County Medical Center Diabetes Clinic. The money will create the Lions Vision section of the Center. As diabetes is the leading cause of adult blindness in the US, this is a cause near and dear to all Lions. Also, being able to have our own “brand” on the Vision Center will improve the visibility of Lions in our Community. The first major effort to raise money is the group Installation of Officers that will take place at the Camarillo Airport Museum on June 10 (see corrected flyer and registration form). It the hope of the Collaborative that as many clubs as possible will join us to celebrate the 100th year of Lionism, to participate in a mega-installation, to have a ton of fun and to help a wonderful cause. More information is available in our Donation Request letter.


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